Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash was perhaps the hardest race I have done to date... I am including the two half-centuries, half-marathon and triathlon I have already completed. I am not sure why this race was so much harder than the others being that the distance was a mere 10k but nevertheless I found it to be exceptionally challenging. It also really sucked being the slow person on my team. If you are ever in this position it is one you want to get out of as quick as possible. With that said, it was a fun race and I loved my team! Additionally, I will be including pictures with a play by play of how the race went as soon as they become available.

On a side, I was so mad about my own abilities at the Dirty Dash that I got up this morning and went for an almost two hour bike ride. It was good to get out and continue to work, especially since I was so incredibly sore from the race yesterday.

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