Wednesday, November 3, 2010

still in the running

For those of you who doubt... you know who you are... I have only to say this: DON'T. Don't doubt that on May 07,2011 I will step up to that line ready for anything, hopefully the Ironman but for now anything will do. I have continued my training and continue to find creative ways to work in two hours a day. Ideally it would be three but yeah I have a staff who depends on me, Professors riding my case etc etc - so yeah two hours a day for now but it is paying off. I'm lighter and moving faster every day: rain, sleet, snow, hell and high water. Unfortunately, do to the demands of my life this site is not updated regularly, but I am not worried about that, I would rather be running or biking or swimming over typing about running, biking or swimming... So don't lose heart, I haven't. Look for a complete blog update some time after December 14.

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