Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holiday Weekend-O-Fun

While in the great state of Idaho I had the opportunity to continue my training in a less aggressive albeit fun way. While the excursion was sandwiched between two flat tires it was a fun way to get in a workout which brings me to my key point for the week: never underestimate the importance of having fun with your training. In my reading I have discovered this is key to preventing burnout; based on my experience I would say it's key to success.

On a side, I forgot my good shoes and pretty much felt like a dork the whole day - Good times!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

a very helpful website

Additionally I have found many helpful articles at

as well as great recipes at

For the record- the more I learn the more I wonder 'what I have gotten myself into...'

getting a jump on things

Having given this some careful consideration I decided that participating in periodic races would give me small, more manageable goals to work on as I prepare. In the picture on the left I am about to finish my first half-marathon. Next to come... the heber half-century and an unnamed olympic triathlon.