Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Triathlon

Post Triathlon
Today I had the opportunity to attempt my very first triathlon today and can I just say what a learning experience that was!

Things I learned from the baby summit triathlon:
(1) always do a gear check prior for leaving for race - they will not let you compete without say a HELMET!
(2) nothing is quite as unnerving as being the last person in the running part of the race and having the support truck stalking you like prey (I think this may have helped to substantially improve my time)
(3) when you get lost on the course, retracing your steps is not always the best option (the race was bittersweet for me as this did happen and I think I missed out on some of my biking as a result)
(4) stay for the raffle, you may win some cool prizes
(5) races are awesome motivation!
(6) and last but not least people are so nice on race day - this always helps to restore my faith in humanity.


Well it has been a long time since my last post and there is one simple reason: my training came to a crashing halt when I was involved in a water accident that left me gimped...

in the hospital...

but alas I have made a full recovery and am in full swing of my training. With classes starting this week I began my triathlon training class. It is excellent!