Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never enough time

I realized today that if I trained the recommended three hours a day from now to the race, that would be 687 hours of training... that's right 687 hours of preparation for an event that is 17 (max) hours... and yet it doesn't feel like it's enough. Hmmm.

Furthermore, finding time to train for the Ironman has proven problematic. Between work, school and extra curricular activities I am only training about four hours a week. According to all the books, articles and websites I have referred too this number should be closer to 20 hours a week. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to build in more work-outs would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally I have decided to join Weight Watchers because the principles they teach are sound and having the additional support will be nice. So from here on out, weight losses or gains will be updated per the 'official' weight watchers' scale.

Upcoming Events:
The DIRTY DASH Saturday September 25, 2010 10k Obstacle Course

Current Stats:
Weight: Not willing to disclose this particular bit of information just yet...
Height: 5'2" (for the record I don't anticipate this one changing)
Total Loss: 0 lbs (I have fluctuated on this one so I will be logging numbers now based on Weight Watchers tracking)

Days to Ironman:

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  1. Good Luck Mellie!!! I'm excited for your Dirty Dash this weekend, I did a mud run (RunAMuck) this spring and l.o.v.e.d it. You'll have a blast!!